Winter Programs

City staff coaches teach players indoors during the winter months to promote a program to enhance the recreational players. All players will be taught to be skillful and confident in a non-competitive environment to increase each individual player's own development.  This program will be a total soccer class that will emphasize individual ball skills and all technical skills necessary to play and enjoy the game.  Players eligible for this program should be born in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Scrimmage games are played each session to teach transition while playing the game. Registered players meet once a week for 8 weeks. 

Winter Soccer Performance Training incorporates fitness with soccer skills, speed, agility and confidence.  The program provides an opportunity for your son or daughter to get ahead of other players and reach the next level of play.  It is also designed to improve your overall fitness level to include corrective and restorative exercises, strength training, conditioning, and cardiovascular training using soccer-specific techniques and exercises.  There are two sessions scheduled for this program.  Session 1 will be November and December while Session 2 will be January and February.

This program is designed to provide additional goalkeeping specific training to all keepers eligible in the club.  The Goalkeeping Academy will emphasize all goalkeeping skills including catching, footwork, distribution, diving, concentration, shot stopping and more.  The Academy will meet once a week for an 8-week session.  

This Futsal program is ideal for players who want to increase their skill and comfort level with the ball. The coaching staff will emphasize individual technical skill development while learning the game of futsal at the same time.  Each week, players will get hundreds of touches on the ball as different skills are concentrated on in a fast paced and FUN environment.  The program will meet weekly for training sessions and teams will be formed with players the same age to participate in two Futsal Tournaments by the end of the program.

The U8 Winter Academy program goals are to provide each player with the fundamental skills of the game in a fun, creative and positive fun learning environment.  All players will learn agility skills and coordination while also learning how to master the techniques needed with the soccer ball.  The program is open to both boys and girls born in 2013 and 2014 training once a week for 8 weeks.  All players will be coached by CiTY staff coaches to introduce them to higher levels of travel play.  Dates and Times TBD at this time.