CiTY ("the Club") Code of Conduct, Concussion Policy and Financial Policy, as amended from time to time. 

  1. Players and Parents promise and agree to comply fully with the Club's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct expressly prohibits possession and/or use of Alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substances, (unless prescribed specifically for Players by a licensed physician). Players and parents promise to refrain from cursing, verbal and physical abuse of any kind. 
  2. Players and Parents agree to comply fully with any and all Code(s) of Conduct required by the league in which the player participates and any and all governing associations.
  3. Players and Parents agree that they will disclose in writing to head coach, any other club team that player participates with outside of CiTY as a "double-carded player."
  1. Destruction of property or violation of State, Federal, International, Country-specific or other law is cause for dismissal.
  1. Players and Parents waive all claims against and release the Club and its related persons from all liability for personal injury or property damage arising from participation in games and practices, travel, meals, and overnight accommodations. 
  1. Players and Parents acknowledge the Club's Concussion Policy, which prohibits any player who has suffered any apparent brain trauma from returning to play in that game or any subsequent game without a doctor's release and return to play plan.
  1. Players and Parents also acknowledge that the club and related persons (specifically including its board members, officers, employees, coaches, managers, parent drivers, and chaperons) are not responsible for loss or theft of personal property. 
  1. Players and Parents agree to comply with the Club's Financial Policy, which requires the Player and Parents to pay all Club fees (registration, uniforms, etc.) when and as those fees become due and payable. Arrangements may be made to pay Club fees in installments satisfactory to the Club, but the Club's Financial Policy requires that all team fees be paid on the date specified by the Club. Player and Parent agree that Club may suspend Players playing privileges during any period when Player and Parents are not in compliance with the Club's Financial Policy. 
  1. Players and Parents consent to the Club's use of Player's name, age group, school, photograph or likeness, and award information to promote the Club, Player's Team and Player. 
  1. Player and Parent consent to CiTY’s Refund and Release Policy: This refund policy applies to players who voluntarily request a release from a team prior to the completion of the year (August 1 to July 31). As Ellicott City SC is a 501(C)3 non-profit youth program, and operates on a cash in, cash out basis, as such, we do not grant refunds. However, refunds would be considered under the following extenuating circumstances 1. Season ending injury 2. Family relocation due to job or military assignment. Releases should be submitted to the coach and team manager according to the State Association's rules. Release from a CiTY team does not constitute an agreement to refund any monies.

In response to the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020, should CiTY cancel some or all of the Summer or Fall  programs due to a decision, or upon the advice of a governing entity or sanctioning body, including but not limited to the Federal Government, State of Maryland, Howard County, US Soccer Federation, US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, and MSYSA, we may offer refunds and/or credits for future programming. Refunds and/or credits will be determined by CiTY, in its sole discretion. 

Our coaching staff will evaluate players by birth year. We will not take parent requests for players to play up. If our coaches feel a player's development would benefit more by playing on an older team than a team within their true birth year, a coach will discuss the opportunity with the player and parents during the tryout process.

Register with Confidence: Pandemic Policy for Cancellation of Fall Recreational Season Prior to Start Date

If CiTY cannot run the Fall 2020 Recreation program due to COVID-19 restrictions at the local, state, or federal level, all registrants will receive full refunds to the credit card used to pay for registration for the Fall Recreational Season. (See below for policy on refunds/credits if programs are halted or cancelled after they have begun.)  There will be no need to request a refund in this instance. We will make our decision about the Fall 2020 Recreation season based on guidance from our government officials--the specific timing of this will depend on the circumstances at the time. If the program is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, refunds will be provided within 7-10 business days of the decision to cancel.

Teams are formed at tryouts and each player is an integral part of the team and the club. Your team cannot function without you! Therefore, our refund policy is designed to protect the team and the club.

Refunds of team fees will be considered only in extreme circumstances for the following reasons: Player moving out of the area, severe injury or illness that prevents the player from participating for the remainder of the season (requires a note from a physician).

Please contact Rob Ryerson, General Manager. The amount of the refund will be prorated on a case-by-case basis, and an administrative fee of $200 will be assessed.  Uniform costs are separate from team fees and club dues and processed on a separate system. Once the uniform is ordered, it is non-refundable. Club dues and all online processing fees are non-refundable.

For refund requests due to reasons outside of the pandemic policy, CITY will provide full refunds back to the registrant’s credit card provided that the request is made via email no later than midnight on July 31.

Refund requests made August 1-August 31 will be charged a $50 administrative fee. Refund requests made September 1 - Opening Day will be charged $100 to cover administrative fees and uniform costs.

There will be no refunds provided for requests made on or after Opening Day, except for in the case of injury (with a doctor’s note) or a family move out of town. Refund requests should be made via email to operations@ellicottcitysc.org

  • Volunteer coaches are critical to the success and growth of the club’s Recreational program.  They are the primary influence on the development of players, both in terms of skill and enjoyment of the game.
  • Coaches register each season, and are typically selected by the Age Group Coordinator (AGC), who is responsible for assigning players to teams.  Program Managers shall approve all coach selections prior to the notification of each coach’s selection, as Program Managers may be aware of circumstances that may either encourage or discourage the selection of a particular coach.  
  • Several factors are considered when selecting coaches, including their experience, coaching licenses or accreditation, prior years coaching in the program, and their conduct (positive or negative).  No coach is guaranteed placement simply because they coached in a previous season, although their returning status is one of many considerations.
  • Ordinarily, coaches who volunteer are placed due to the club’s desire to accommodate all registered players.  Coaches who volunteer as a Head Coach and are not assigned may be assigned as an Assistant Coach instead, or may not be assigned at all.
  • All coaches MUST pass a background check before being assigned to a team.

All Recreational players are entitled to play at least 50% of the game.  Coaches will manage substitutions accordingly to ensure minimum playing time for each player is met

  • All travel coaches are strongly encouraged to provide playing time for every player during regular league and tournament games.
  • The amount of playing time will vary from player to player.
  • Playing time for travel players may be determined by the following factors:
    • Attendance, attitude and effort at practice and games
    • Technical and Tactical playing ability
    • Fitness level
    • Requirements of a particular game and opponent
  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, coaches, families, and teams, the following items are PROHIBITED at CiTY practices and games:


  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED on Howard County park and school fields.  If you are at a Howard County Park that allows pets, please be kept a minimum of 50 yards from the playing field (in all directions).  It is highly encouraged to leave your pets at home if at all possible.


  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are strictly prohibited on park and school grounds, and private property when prohibited by the owner.

  • The majority of grass fields that CiTY uses are allocated by Howard County Rec and Parks.  In cases of weather-related field conditions, CiTY will follow the decision of Howard County Rec and Parks regarding the closure of fields.  In rare cases, CiTY may be instructed to make their own decision regarding field playability. 
  • When deciding whether a field is playable, consideration is given first to player safety and next to the possibility of detrimental field impact. In cases where fields are left at a “Game Time Decision” status, referees will be the first authority as to field playability unless CiTY personnel determine otherwise. In the absence of a referee, coaches will be that authority.  Referees and coaches should use the above mentioned guidelines when making their determination.  If there is ever a doubt as to player safety, then the deciding entity is to err on the side of caution, and not play.
  • All coaches, parents, players, and referees are individually responsible for checking for any game cancellations and field closures.  All field closures are updated and communicated via the following resources: website, communication platform and social media outlets.

Ellicott City Soccer Club shall follow the policy outlined below for teams that are scheduled to practice outdoors;

  • Field Conditions must be safe and conducive for an effective and productive training session.
  • All outdoor training sessions for teams U12 and younger will be cancelled if at practice time the temperature/wind chill is 32 degrees or below.
  • U13 and older teams can train in temperatures where wind chill is 30 degrees or warmer.  If wind chill is below 30 degrees, training sessions will be cancelled.
  • Practices may also be cancelled due to rain, sleet, or other factors that may influence road conditions, or greatly affect the effectiveness and productivity of a training session.
  • If at any time a coach feels the field conditions or weather conditions are not conducive for training, they have the option to cancel during that session.
  • The club will make an informed decision of possible team practice cancellation by 4pm on days when inclement or severe weather is predicted.  The club will immediately communicate all decisions to coaches, managers and families once the decision to cancel has been made.
  • Players should always dress appropriately in cold weather.  Wear layers and stay dry.  Wear moisture wicking clothing as a base layer if possible.  The head and ears should be covered as body heat escapes from the head.  Gloves or mittens are also recommended during cold weather training.  Feet should also be kept dry with moisture wicking and/or breathable socks.
  • Absolutely no activity should occur in the presence of thunder or lightning. Any sign of thunder and/or lightning requires a 30-minute delay, in which all players and adults must take cover in a car or a building. Any additional sign of thunder and/or lightning resets the 30-minute delay.  No one should be outside during a storm. In rare occasions, CiTY will cancel club-wide activities given extreme inclement weather (tornado or storm warnings, extreme heat or cold, etc.)
  • Coaches, referees and officials should use the above-mentioned guidelines when making their determination.  If there is ever a doubt as to player safety, then the deciding entity is to err on the side of caution, and not play.
  • Ellicott City Soccer Club takes concussions very seriously. All players suspected to have or diagnosed with a concussion will be required to seek a medical evaluation and present a Dr. notice indicating that they have been evaluated which should include a "return to play" protocol to be given to the coach or a club official before they will be allowed to return to participate.  There are NO exceptions to this policy. See more concussion information on the following link as needed.

USYS Concussion Procedure:  https://www.usyouthsoccer.org/assets/1/6/concussion_procedure.pdf