Eungsuk Lee

Coaching Career Highlight:

There were a few moments in winning the tournaments, but the one that touched me was the Mission team(Grace F.C) that came short of winning the tournament.

Playing Career Highlight:

Following the 2002 World Cup, the Chinese Government invited Korean heritage teams from 7 nations (USA, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, England) to compete in China Heritage Cup,
each team had to be the winner of their nation and player can not be on a professional team but can be in the semi-pro team. I was added at the last minute as captain of the team from Georgia
(winner of the USA) and we came out of odds and came out co-champion with the Chinese team. I was named best defender and I was the oldest player in the tournament league.

Why do you like coaching for CiTY?:

As a newcomer to this area, I was searching and wanted to get involved with a youth soccer
program, where I can support the youths with their full potential.

Personal Info:

I’m lucky enough to have a family that allows me the opportunity to spend a lot more time on a soccer field than most people.

Coaching Experience:

  • KFD (Busan Korea) – Selected players from North Korea and South Korea.
  • I have coached all levels and all ages.
  • I also scout for the KFA and K-League.
  • Grace Mission Team traveled to Korea and South Asia for a mission and tournament.
  • KFD (Busan Korea) – Selected players from North Korea and South Korea.

Playing Experience:

  • I have played NCAA and semi-pro level.